Friday, 10 February 2012

Cop Killa's Drawings...

Cop Killa being brought in

"And this? This is my gun, making sweeeet red-love, all over your faces. Ker-Pow!"

In one of the scenes in Shields Of Justice, Cop Killa literally illustrates his intentions to Crash and Burn, drawing them a picture using one of CK's signature props - his own brand of Cop Killa crayons.

These crayons were one of several items in the film, where Cop Killa was running his own self-promoted franchise. Unfortunately a lot of the items didn't make the cut.

One prop that suffered this fate is CK's range of gum.

Template for the Killa Gum wrappers - you can make your own!

Although Cop Killa had gum wrappers in his pockets for the entire film, they never appeared on screen. The only mention of them is in CK's Cop Killing commercial.

Cop Killa's Crayons did however make it in!

Crayon wrapper detail
The real deal
CK's brand of crayons were one of many bizzare items that featured in the film.  Who knows - if it ever takes off, maybe we'll even licence them ourselves!

Jonty Depp as Cop Killa

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