Friday, 2 March 2012

Inside The Jo-Jo Jefferson Ice Cream Factory

Crash and Burn ready for action

Drugged by a mysterious ice cream vendor, Crash and Burn awake to find themselves trapped in the Jefferson Jo-Jo Ice Cream Company Warehouse.

The duo then find themselves pitted against Gaspar Gonzales and his gang of deranged thugs.

Meeting Gaspar Gonzales
In order to bring life to the location that was used for the factory, the Jefferson Jo Jo brand was plastered over countless boxes (as everyone knows, the best place to store ice cream is at room temperature after all!)

Using simple dressing like this meant that the set could be set up and packed away quickly and easily.  Space was tight in the location and this allowed for a swift move should furnishings need to be rearranged. 

Ben's original sketch of Thomas Jefferson

Ben drew up a picture of Thomas Jefferson and coloured it, ready to be made into packing labels.

As every good historian knows, Jefferson had an abnormally large head - in fact it was so large that three men had to be employed to ensure bats didn't nest in his earlobes.

The finished Jefferson Jo-Jo label (Note the Grand Union flag)

Crash and Burn on set

Many other labels were featured as well, some with obscure references to Thomas Jefferson's life.

Box detail

Sadly beyond focus

But what does it mean?

Wise words

 Also adorning the walls were several work related graphs, all of which made very little sense altogether.

All in all, the Jefferson Jo-Jo was a fun set, bursting with detail and fit for Crash and Burn's escape From Gaspar Gonzales devious plans!

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