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Sebastian E. Crash's Costume

Crash's distinctive look of all-American good guy was pieced together by layers of red white and blue.

While developing the character of Crash, Tom Hutchings looked to the performances of Adam West and William Shatner for inspiration. The result was a blue-eyed blend of broad smiles and ex-miltary heroism.

The first piece of Crash's costume to be sourced was his distinctive belt buckle, shaped to resemble the chamber of a five cylinder revolver, this was purchased very early in the production, while Crash's character was still being developed.

Crash's unique belt buckle and dog tags from his military service

This was only the first step however, in piecing together his look, early costume tests for both Crash and Burn proved that every detail was important and soon the high-realism props began to appear replacing the early toy and plastic ones used for tests.

A very 80s test with plastic props
A very 90s Costume test
An original 70 jacket was sourced, in red leather which would frame the final costume. Crash's jacket features broad lapels, removable lining and unique panneling and venting, an item fit for a supercop.

Front view of Crash's Jacket
Back view of Crash's Jacket

A pair of womens flared jeans were added to Crash's costume as they had the correct shape for mens jean of the era. It was  decided that Tom's long hair would need to be replaced with a haircut which was altogether more 70s.

The old long hair
Crash's 70s hairstyle

Following the new, and wholly 70s hairstyle, a reproduction 70s shirt was sourced and his personal items were slowly assembled. One of the various accoutrements Crash carries is his wallet; filled with photos of himself with his old mentor Doyle O'Flennegan, and of his murdered wives, his wallet also contains his warrant card and numerous notes and small change.

Interior of Crash's Wallet
Crash's badge, and wedding rings

Alongside his Police Badge, Crash also wears the wedding ring of each of his four dead wives, who were visciously murdered by Scorpion Fandango, some of them more than once.

He also wears an original bianchi shoulder holster, for his 357 magnum. 

The final look was thus:

Crash's final costume

Crash's costume variant from "Hangman Dangle"

Crash has always been on the right side of the law, but after the murder of his first, second, third, and fourth wife, for the second time, he learned that sometimes its ok to bend the rules in the pursuit of justice.

Often charming and intense, Crash usually stays focused on defined goals, using his creative logic to solve mysteries or get himself out of tight spots, but likes to enjoy himself along the way.

For more information on the back story of Crash, visit:

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