Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Blog Of Justice

In an attempt to clarify the progress of the Shields Of Justice Production, an online blog seemed to be the most logical and self-absorbed method of communication between the core team.

Though we are already in the late stages of pre-production, we shall attempt to catch up somehow, and hopefully this blog will give some insight into the inner workings of the project.

"In these gruelling hours, where the grace of God has all but left us. It is difficult to understand words such as freedom and honour. But once, not so long ago, things were different.

Two men, tall as spires and proud as lions, once strode where no others dared.

Their bravery was a blade in the darkness, their valour - an armour against evil.

In bitter times their hearts were pure and untainted, their strength unwavering. In the coldest of nights they were two shields.

Shields of righteousness...

Shields of peace...

Shields of justice."

- Season 7, Episode 1: Opening narration.

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