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Locations - Chief Rappappaport's Office

The Patriot City Police Department is headed by the might of Chief M. Rappapappaport - a gravelly, whiskey-swilling, Vietnam vet, whose uncompromising war on crime has led to the arrest of countless perps.

Chief Rappappaport

When scouting the location for the PCPD building, Tom and Ben knew that they had to find a room suitable for the Chief's Office
It had to fit in with 70's decor, but also give a kingly view of the PCPD. Luckily Kay house contained the perfect location - a room over-looking the main lobby though a wall of framed windows.

The view into the Chief's office from the lobby

Chief's desk as it was found on the scout

The Chief's desk where it was meant to be

One of the in-jokes throughout the film was to make Crash and Burn look as short as possible, by intentionally dwarfing them next to taller actors.

Duke Palmer, who played Rappappaport was given the biggest desk they could find and Crash and Burn were given the smallest chairs available to dwarf them.

Crash and Burn with Rappappaport - note temp stand-in police badge
Work then went into sourcing props for the desk. Items that were found included:
Countless golfing and snooker trophies, a selection of war medals, a vintage typewriter, letter rack - including letters with genuine Czechoslovakian Nazi commemorative stamps, fire arm certificates and fully equipped gun cleaning kit.

Some personal touches were a framed cover from 'Tempus' magazine and a photo of Rappappaport meeting his friend and hero, Richard Nixon, as well as an autographed baseball from Joe Dimaggio.

Ben, with the 'TEMPUS' cover and the Chief's Nixon photo
Ben enjoying some prop 'whiskey'

Tom making last minute script alterations on the Chief's trusty typewriter

The set with sound proofing 'flats' in place
The Chief, hiding beneath his mighty desk

All in all the Chief's office was one of the most authentic looking sets with a large amount of period props and features.

Rappapport on the VT (which stopped working in the middle of shooting)

Grubby glass and detail of lettering

Jonts and Tom with Duke on set

Kris Darby, Duke Palmer and Tom Hutchings having a break

View out onto lobby

Shooting the Chief and Militia Malone

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